Product Description

Senator 28″

Finally, tall people now also can take part in the joy of riding a tricycle.

Senator is the first tricycle with 28″ wheels, specially designed for people with a tall stature. All components affecting the riding characteristics, e.g. steering, wheel circumference and frame geometry, were specially adapted to large body sizes. The extremely low step-through frame is especially beneficial for people with hip problems and makes it safer to mount and dismount. Enjoy the benefits the Senator 28″ can offer you.

To make it easy to operate, the standard model of this tricycle includes a three-speed gear hub and a differential for turning in tight spaces. The basic equipment also includes a hub dynamo with a complete light system, a parking brake and a large shopping basket in which you can easily stow your groceries, for example. This makes mobility truly fun.

Illustrated paint colour: creme/brown

Dimensions and weights     28″  
A: total length: 2100 mm fahraddaten_AE
B: access distance 580 mm
C: distance pedals-saddle 780 mm
D: entrance height 240 mm
E: distance pedals-floor 150 mm
frame height: 500 mm
width: 750 mm
weight: 30 kg