Product Description

Duo Luna 20″/24″

The three-wheel tandem is suitable for riders big and small. The child sits in front and can thereby enjoy surrounding impressions. All the important functions, such as changing gears, braking and steering, are controlled from the rear sitting position. The steering motions are transmitted in parallel from the rear rider to the front wheel. This function may also be optionally deactivated so that the front rider can steer. A coasting mechanism in the front pedal drive makes it unnecessary to pedal along constantly. It is optionally possible to switch to Fixed Hub, meaning that the front rider must constantly pedal along. This can be sensible for rehabilitation reasons in order to mobilise the muscles and motor activity of the front rider.

The standard model includes a 7-speed gear hub with back pedal brake, a sturdy differential, an LED light system with hub dynamo and stand light in the tail lamp as well as puncture-proof tyres! You can choose between 15 different colours, both single- and two-coloured, at no additional cost. Nothing is left to be desired!

Illustrated paint colour: signalgreen/silver

Dimensions and weights   20″/24″    
A: total length: 2340 mm   fahraddaten_AE
B: access distance 340 mm vorne 500 mm hinten
C: distance pedals-saddle 550 mm vorne 830 mm hinten
D: entrance height 525 mm vorne 430 mm hinten
E: distance pedals-floor 155 mm vorne 100 mm hinten
frame height: 320 mm vorne 550 mm hinten
width: 750  
weight: 38 kg 38 kg

Loading capacity Duo Luna: rear 100kg, front 60kg + 10kg baggage