Product Description

Duo Trans RT50 (Wheelchair Van)

Duo Trans offers the option of transporting a wheelchair with and without an occupant. Locking handles can be continuously adjusted on any wheelchair. The tricycle can also be operated easily and ergonomically even with a high transport weight. Plastic covers prevent reaching into the rotating spoked wheels. The ramp makes it easy to move wheelchairs onto the loading surface. Two floor supports ensure optimal stability when loading and unloading.

The standard Duo Trans has a high-quality range of basic equipment. This includes a three-speed gear hub with back pedal brake, a parking brake and sturdy puncture-proof tyres. The tricycle is also available with an optional electric motor so that you can reduce the energy you need for pedalling with greater transport weights. You can choose between 15 different colours, both single- and two-coloured, at no additional cost. Nothing is left to be desired!

Illustrated paint colour: matte black (the image contains special equipment- the electric motor is not a standard feature)

Dimensions and weights 26″  
total length: 2050 mm  
width: 1000 mm
frame height: 550 mm
load area: 100 x 60 mm
Capacity 200 Kg
weight: 50 kg


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