Product Description

Effekt 24″/26″

Effekt, the tricycle with the special electric drive!

The power of the electric motor is transmitted directly to the drive axle via the long tried-and-tested differential specially developed by Wulfhorst and is thereby distributed uniformly to the two rear wheels. Both a back pedal brake and a hub dynamo are installed, which is only possible thanks to the new Wulfhorst drive concept. This creates the popular tailwind effect.
It is much more important, however, that the driving characteristics and above all the steering behaviour are positively impacted by the uniform support. The tricycle is easier to control and to steer. The central motor provides for an optimal distribution of weight (better steering, better centre of gravity and thereby lower danger of tipping)

The standard model is equipped with a 250 watt electric motor, a 7-speed gear hub with back pedal brake, a differential, a hub dynamo, an LED headlamp and puncture-proof tyres. The 9 Ah battery lasts for an approximate range of 30-60 km.

Illustrated paint colour: black

Dimensions and weights      24″      26″  
A: total length 1870 mm 1970 mm fahraddaten_AE
B: access distance 610 mm 610 mm
C: distance pedals-saddle 700 mm 700 mm
D: entrance height 240 mm 260 mm
E: distance pedals-floor 110 mm 120 mm
frame height: 430 mm 430 mm
width: 750 mm 750 mm
weight: 40 kg 40 kg


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