Product Description

Senator 24″/26″ (separable)

The Senator model impresses not only with its extremely low access, but also because it can be taken apart with a few easy steps and put back together just as easily. In addition to the separable frame, the rear wheels can also be removed with the axle ends without compromising the stability of the frame when riding. This means that you don’t have to do without your tricycle when on holiday, as the divisible tricycles are made for packing in a car boot, making you independent. This makes mobility and exercise truly fun.
Even if you don’t have much room at home and don’t know where you can accommodate a conventional tricycle, the divisible Senator can be easily stored in a space-saving way.

Functionality and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The tricycle is fitted with high-quality equipment. The standard model already includes a three-speed gear hub with back pedal brake, a sturdy differential, a parking brake and a hub dynamo with complete LED light system! You can choose between 15 different colours, both single- and two-coloured, at no additional cost. Nothing is left to be desired!

Illustrated paint colour: black

Maße und Gewichte 24″ 26″
A: total length: 1860 mm 1900 mm fahraddaten_AE
B: access distance 630 mm 630 mm
C: distance pedals-saddle 730 mm 730 mm
D: entrance height 220 mm 230 mm
E: distance pedals-floor 90 mm 100 mm
frame height: 450 mm 450 mm
width: 750 mm 750 mm
weight: 30 kg 30 kg