Differential gear
For an additional charge, our unique differential gear may be installed in many models by request. This high-quality Wulfhorst design consists of an aluminium housing with four hardened steel bevel gears and can withstand even the most demanding conditions. The component has been subject to consistent further development for years and is what makes the unique feel of riding a Wulfhorst bicycle possible.
The advantage of this gear unit is the uniform distribution of force to both wheels, which has a positive effect on the braking and cornering ability. Furthermore, it reduces the danger of tipping to a minimum and allows turning in tight spaces.

Gearing variations
A large number of gearing drives, such as 3- and 7-speed hub gears, can be individually retrofitted with a back pedal hub brake (unless serially equipped). In addition, gear hubs with shifting (for easy reverse operation) can be installed in many models. And we continue to offer the 8-speed hub gear and the 24-speed dual drive (half hub and half derailleur gear system).

3-speed hub with back pedal brake
7-speed hub with back pedal brake
7-speed hub with reversing option
8-speed hub with back pedal brake
14-speed Rohloff hub
21- to 27-speed derailleur (model-specific)
24-speed dual drive hub
(other gearing variations on request)



Motor variations
A pedal-assist electric drive can be installed in many models. This motor can be activated manually and facilitates pedalling when pedalling in one direction.

Front motor
Mid-mounted motor
Axle drive (exclusively at Wulfhorst)
Rear wheel motor. here you can find a detailed description of our electric drives .