Product Description

Charme 24″/26″ (Sondermodell)

The model Charme has earned its name because it has so much of it.

This tricycle gives you back joy in movement and above all your independence when you no longer feel secure on foot or on a bicycle. The visually elegant frame impresses with its extremely low access, allowing you to mount and dismount safely even with hip or knee problems.

The standard model already includes a three-speed gear hub with back pedal brake and a light system with a bright LED headlamp and a tail lamp with stand light function! You can choose between 15 different colours, both single- and two-coloured, at no additional cost. On request, the model is also available with a sturdy differential, allowing you to turn even within the tightest spaces.

Nothing is left to be desired!

Illustrated paint colour: silver/orange

Dimensions and weights       24″       26″  
A: total length: 1830 mm 1900 mm fahraddaten_AE
B: access distance 580 mm 580 mm
C: distance pedals-saddle 790 mm 790 mm
D: entrance height 270 mm 290 mm
E: distance pedals-floor 90 mm 100 mm
frame height: 530 mm 530 mm
width: 750 mm 750 mm
weight: 30 kg 30 kg